Sebastián, Gallardón and friends

I’m not voting in Madrid for the next election. But if I were to vote there, I would probably discard Miguel Sebastián as a suitable candidate. There have been several pathetic examples of impotence and inability, and his last action is specially arguable. In that specific situation, his opponent Gallardón looked much more serious and trustworthy. Anyway, it seems that Gallardón, too, incurred in trying to personally discredit Sebastián, by mentioning alleged debts of Sebastián or telling that he was fired from previous positions.

So it seems that fair play or elegance are not strong points in any of these two candidates. But, more important yet, we should never forget what has been done in the last months and years (and is being done right now) by the comrades of Gallardón, directly accusing the president of the nation and his party of being terrorists, of helping terrorists to achieve their goals, of having participated in the 11-M bombings… with no evidence whatsoever. I have to admit that I didn’t expect this to happen. Never.

Deciding what to vote in Spain is a though job.


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