Should I feel offended?

Some days ago I could see a new campaign by the Spanish traffic authority, reminding drivers about the need to keep atention while driving and avoiding distractions. In general terms, I don’t like the style of recent adverts, simply because of aesthetical reasons. Actors seem to be foreigners whose voices are dubbed; they seem to be deliberately overacting and the spot looks like a dramatic (bad) movie. I suppose this is exactly the effect the creatives pursued. I’m not telling it’s a bad job; I simply don’t like the results.

When anybody speaks about what we should or shouldn’t do, many people react. Even our former prime minister said some pathetic things about drinking and driving. I don’t smoke while I drive, and very rarely drink alcohol, so I don’t take it personally when someone gives some related advice. But in this case, I do get distracted when I’m driving, as most people do.

Strange enough, I don’t feel offended by the adverts, even considering that I don’t like them. I always try very hard not to get distracted, I try to read every traffic sign or see every traffic light, to see every pedestrian crossing and make sure in advance that nobody is waiting or going to cross, to keep speed under control, to anticipate any other driver’s move. When I see the advert, I only feel the urge to try even harder. To drive better. Many lives depend on it, mine included.

If I was a smoker, and somebody told me that smoking while driving was dangerous, I’d probably rant on about state, authority, lack of freedom… I would argue that these campaigns are useless, that they should be doing [whatever] instead with the money, and so on.

Maybe I should feel offended. They’ve mentioned me, they’ve told me off. They’ve treated me like a child.

But, strange enough, I don’t.


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