Double-slit and patterns

Reading and thinking about the double-slit experiment… and the utterly misterious way in which a human observer seems to influence the very foundations of reality.

OK, we see how an interference pattern, like this, builds up:


But… what if there is no interference pattern?

I mean: there are lots of points that show a clear, obvious bands pattern. It’s there. We can see it.

But how can we tell that, for nature, there is a real difference between a random point cloud and a banded point cloud? What if image e is, actually, a purely random cloud?

Is it possible that the strange things that happen when one introduces an observer in the double-slit experiment are bound to the observer, and not to the nature? That instead of explaining quantum mechanics we should explain how our thought works?



2 comentarios to “Double-slit and patterns”

  1. Anónimo Says:

    The impossibility of knowing if it is a random distribution or a pattern reminds me of this Dilbert strip:

    It made me laugh for a really long time.

  2. Anónimo Says:

    Great one XD


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