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Diana Krall y los estereotipos

16 16+00:00 noviembre 16+00:00 2019

Estoy leyendo cosillas sobre mujeres del jazz por una cosa que estoy preparando. Y me encuentro con otras declaraciones interesantes, esta vez de Diana Krall:

I get frustrated with the assumption that I’m directed in some way. I do all my own arrangements, I conceptualise everything. I have control over how I’m photographed. Every image is carefully thought out. I am very, very, very driven and ambitious – always have been.


Adelaide Hall y cómo triunfar como cantante

16 16+00:00 noviembre 16+00:00 2019

Esto parece que dijo Adelaide Hall, alguien que seguro que sabía de lo que hablaba:

This is how you do it, my dear. You get to know the musicians. You’re in the places where they are. And then you ask them if you can sing a song. Be very charming, not too pushy. And be prepared. Know your song, know your key. And sing it. And then someone will hear you and take you out to dinner and give you a job. And there you are.